2019 Registration available now for all Divisions

Due to issues experienced last season, players‘ ages will be verified at evaluations.
Please bring a copy of his/her birth certificate or passport with you to the session. 
Should you have any questions, please contact the appropriate Director for your age division.

Lacrosse is a fast physical game encompassing specific skills, agility, team work, physical conditioning, discipline, trust and respect. There are inherent risks in participation in any athletic activity. However, in lacrosse due to the intensity level of the game there are increased risks of suffering pain, discomfort, fatigue as well as sprains, strains, contusions, fractures and heat stress injuries or illnesses. All participants need to understand these risks prior to their active participation in any clinic, practice or game session.

We are committed to continually exceed the expectations of our players, parents, coaches, referees and other stakeholders in providing a happy, healthy and safe environment for all participants in our lacrosse program.

It is our ultimate hope that by participating in this great game, our players will become better people, better sportspersons, better team mates, and better citizens.